Strategic Advisors

Reginald M. Ballantyne III, FACHE – Strategic Advisor

Reginald Ballantyne is the former Senior Strategic Advisor for Dallas-based Tenet Healthcare Corporation, a national hospital and healthcare services company that acquired Vanguard Health Systems, for which he had served as Senior Corporate office for more than a decade. Prior to Vanguard, Mr. Ballantyne was President and CEO of PMH Health Resources. He is now a consultant and advocate for business and government entities interested in collaborative ideas and ventures in the areas of healthcare, policy and innovation. His background includes numerous advisory roles and awards, and includes service as both Speaker of the House as well as Chairman of the American Hospital Association.

Vishu J. Jhaveri, MD, MSA – Strategic Advisor

Dr. Jhaveri is senior vice president of health services, network management and chief medical officer at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, where he manages accreditation, medical underwriting, medical claims review, clinical quality improvement, care management, disease management, health promotion/wellness, utilization review, provider credentialing, network services and contracting.  Dr. Jhaveri is a board certified pediatrician and has spent 17 years in direct patient care.

Michael Doherty – Strategic Advisor

Michael Doherty has 25 years of global pharmaceuticals industry experience including the most recent 14 years at Roche Pharmaceuticals and Genentech as Head of Regulatory Affairs overseeing the approvals of products in the field of oncology, immunology, hematology and bone disease. He is currently Head of Product Development at Foundation Medicine, where he leads a team dedicated to the introduction of clinical and data products in the field of cancer genomics based on Next-Generation Sequencing. Mr. Doherty serves as a Regulatory Strategy Advisory advisor to VisionGate, Inc., as a Strategic Advisor to Genentech Product Development and on the advisory board of IBM Watson Life Sciences.

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