Cell-CT™ 3-Dimensional Cell Imaging and Analysis Process

The Cell-CT™ platform creates automated 3D cellular images using a technique called optical computed tomography (Optical CT).

The platform breaks new ground in the field of quantitative cell analysis by virtue of its unique ability to compute the true 3D internal structure of cells based on molecular optical absorption densities. The computed 3D density structure is isotropic within a cell; meaning the resolution is equal in all three spatial dimensions. Cells are not placed on slides, but rather, they are suspended in fluid and injected through a micro-capillary tube that permits multiple viewing perspectives around 360°. VisionGate’s method of automated 3D imaging uses state-of-the-art optical CT tomographic image reconstruction, utilizing visible photons rather than x-rays. This platform enables the quantitative analysis of the in situ 3D distribution of targeted molecular markers, stains and other absorbing structures within a cell at sub-micron resolution in a manner that links to traditional pathology, but with the third dimension.

Most attempts to visualize cells in 3D are approximations derived through cumbersome techniques. Consequently, the 3D anatomy of the cell has been elusive. VisionGate’s automated 3D imaging platform allows rapid visualization of the cell’s complex 3D anatomy, and this capability will lead to many important discoveries in the hands of leading scientists.

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