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LuCED® Lung Test

LuCEDVisionGate’s LuCED lung test is being developed for future availability in the company’s state-of-the-art CLIA laboratory, the VisionGate Biosignatures Laboratory (VBL).

When physicians begin prescribing the LuCED test, patients will be asked to provide a sputum sample (phlegm from a deep cough) over a three-day collection period using a take-home test kit that includes pre-paid shipping to VBL. Once the specimen arrives at VBL, it will be processed on our proprietary Cell-CT platform, a component of the LuCED test.

The Cell-CT platform produces high-resolution 3D images of individual cells contained in the sputum and measures hundreds of critical disease indicators in each cell. Together, these produce a cell classification that aids in the prediction of disease. The LuCED lung test classifies the cells as normal or abnormal. Our licensed cytologist screens the images and then our pathologist reviews the images and signs out the case as normal or abnormal. Those results are sent to the ordering physician.

Vesiguard Test for Bladder Cancer

A second cancer detection test is also being developed based on 3D cell imaging using the Cell-CT™ platform. Vesiguard is VisionGate’s test for bladder cancer detection based on patient urine. Current methods for detecting bladder cancer are either insensitive or highly invasive. Approximately 50% of patients with treated bladder cancer will experience a recurrence of the disease making high accuracy, non-invasive monitoring for bladder cancer a priority. In its initial deployment, Vesiguard will monitor for bladder cancer recurrence making testing more cost effective, less traumatic and more effective as cancer will be detected at an earlier stage. Vesiguard will be offered with the LuCED® test for lung cancer detection in the VisionGate Biosignatures Laboratory, a CLIA regulated facility.

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